Cali Dream

Hi guyss!! Oh my gosh I know it's been forever since i've posted anything on here, I am so sorry!  I won't even bother you with excuses but just know that I plan on staying for good now. This summer has been quite amazing so far and one of the highlights was a trip to Cali for a friend's birthday.  It was such a great trip and I had the time of my life. So here's a few goodies for you guys, enjoy!! 




Hey guys!  I know it's been a while but i've been super busy with school and I also just returned home from a much needed vacay.  Of course I had to go on a bit of a shopping spree before my trip.  The weather is still pretty cool here so i didn't have much in terms of warm weather clothing. So instead of making a super duper long haul post I decided to pick a few of my favs and share them with you.  Hope you enjoy!!  

Sneakers: Aldo
Pink Crop: Forever 21
Black crop: Arden B
Shorts: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Swimsuits: Forever21 + H&M



Wishlist // Pastels

Bralet: Topshop
Crop top: Topshop
Crop cami: River Island
Floral leggings: Topshop
Pink leggings: Topshop
Floral skirt: Forever21

These are a few items i'm lusting over at the moment.  Not sure if you can tell but i'm completely obsessed with pastels right now.  It's just so soft and girly, i can't get enough!