Single on Valentines Day

Invest in your own gift!

120 Palette You've been yearning to imitate that smokey eye tutorial by you're favorite youtube guru, well....why don't you!?
Sunglasses Hey! It's almost summer time, why not invest in those funky sunglasses you've been eyeing!
Pink lips The pink lip is a big trend right now, a lot of women are afraid of the pink lip but if done right, it can be the perfect pop of color.
Perfume I'm obsessed with this viktor & Rolf scent, it's the perfect everyday perfume!
Tik Tok Obviously every lady needs a good watch!
Chocolate It's Valentines day, buy yourself a huge box of chocolates, order you're favorite chick flick, grab a bottle of moscato and have a relaxing evening to yourself! 

Have a girls night!

One of my favorite things to do on Valentines day is to gather up all my single girlfriends, get dressed up, and go out! Who says you have to sit at home and cry all night because you're single!? Not I!! Go out, have fun, get a little tipsy and who knows maybe you'll meet someone for next V-day :)

Here are a few ideas for you're Valentines day outfit...

Enjoy you're Valentines Day singles ladies!!

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