It's a Haul!

 Leith crop top - Nordstrom Savvy (no longer available)

Just a few bits and pieces I've picked up over the past few weeks.  Summer is finally here and I absolutely hate all my clothes form last summer so i've been shopping non stop trying to kind of reset my closet. I plan on picking up a few more things over the weekend and then i'll be done shopping for the summer...maybe :) 



Let me be your Juliet..

When I came across this pictorial, I instantly fell in love.  From the romantic florals to the rebellious plaid jumper.  It's everything I loved about Romeo & Juliet. And of course the cute little photograph of Leo at the end topped it off perfectly! 

Wildfox Fall 2012, Star Crossed Lovers. Photos from Ilovewildfox



Style Wish list


Just a few items i'm obsessed with at the moment.  I know the whole flower headband trend is getting a bit out of hand but they're just so freaking cute!  And honestly i'm not a cat person but that cat shirt is calling me!



25 Facts about....Me!!

1. I am constantly drinking tea, it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside :)

2. Completely obsessed with musicals! RENT and Grease are my all time favs.

3. When I was younger my dream job was to become a spice girl......it still is

4. I dream of California

5.  I hate snow and winter

6. I took an entire Wilton Cake Decorating class a few years ago, one day i'll upload a few of my creations!

7. *Whispers* I love Harry Styles.....shhhh plz don't tell anyone

8.  I get soooo upset when people call me shy, but i'll be honest..i am a little shy

9. I collect magazines, I've actually had a few breakdowns upon learning my mom threw some out....ok maybe i'm a hoarder hmmm :/

10. I sucked a pacifier until i was 4 and then proceeded to suck my thumb until I was about 9...now i'm stuck with these awful braces to fix the damage!

11. I'm scared of the dark

12. I'm obsessed with cupcakes

13. My top 5 most played artists on spotify are One Direction, The 1975 (a new band out of the UK, they are amazing!!), Lydia, Beyonce, and Ed Sheeran

14. I have one tattoo and I promise i will never, EVER get another one! It's a short little quote on my shoulder and omg it hurt so bad.  Now it was definitely worth the pain but i don't plan on voluntarily going through that pain again!

15. Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet, he makes love sound so beautiful

16. My favorite Starbucks drink is a Caramel Macchiato with extra extra caramel..mmmm

17. My favorite color is pink

18. White cars freak me out, i don't know why but they do *shugs*

19. My favorite childhood movie was thumbalina

20. I love to sing...alone..in my room

21. I'm a student

22. I have three sisters and one brother

23. Beyonce is my inspiration

24. I'm 24!

25. I really want to go to the One Direction concert but the tickets are sooo expensive! *cries*

 Being new in this whole blogging world, i thought this would be a cool way to kind of introduce myself to you.  So i hope you enjoyed this little list and thanks for reading!



Shoe Heaven

So I spotted these black Aldo wedgies a long long while ago and completely fell in love with them! For a person that doesn't fancy wearing heels they're perfect.  Sexy, sleek, but still pretty comfy to wear.  But me being a poor college student, they just weren't in the budget...until now!!!  So i'm on vacation in California and i just happen to stroll into the Aldo on melrose and what do you know!  The wedges i've been stalking for months are like 50% off!!  I was so excited i ended up getting the wedges and another pair of heels on sale, both for the price of one! Go me!!! 
The toms don't come with an exciting story but hey! They're comfy, cute, and i love them!




Trust me, allowing other people to dictate life decision's for you is a recipe for disappointment!  I've learned from experience to trust my gut and always choose the route that'll make me happy instead of attempting to please someone else!  


Queen Bey X H&M

Nothing is more exciting than waking up, checking instagram, and reading the words "Beyonce for H&M".  I literally screamed, jumped out of bed, and did the uh oh dance! I am so excited for this collaboration!  Beyonce will be the new face of H&M's summer line.  The line won't necessarily be designed by the famous singer but the pieces will definitely reflect her style. The line is said to be released worldwide in May and will tie in with the star's upcoming tour with the headline "Beyonce as Mrs. Carter in H&M".  This is honestly the most fabulous new i've heard all week! 

If you'd like to read more about the line I'd visit vogue.com

xoxo Smooches! 


A New Savvy at Nordstrom

If you haven't heard the news yet, Nordstrom has completely revamped their savvy department.  The new savvy is all about the latest trends brought to you by amazing brands such as, TopShop and Leith. If you're a young fashionista on a budget you'll be excited to know that every item in the department is under $100. Isn't that amazing!? And don't worry this new savvy isn't exclusive to certain stores, it's being launched in every single store!  If your nearest store is cities away you can always shop online. 

Happy Shopping loves :)


Shoe Report

This is by far my favorite trend at the moment.  A minimal sandal heel is sexy enough but add 
an ankle strap to it and it's hot on a whole new level.  I've seen these shoes from just about every major shoe company but these are just a few of my favorites.  The Gucci ursula patent leather,  YSL ankle cuff paris pump, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Zara combination high heel sandal, Alexander Wang liya pump, and the Steve Madden realize. 

This is definitely a must have! 


Single on Valentines Day

Invest in your own gift!

120 Palette You've been yearning to imitate that smokey eye tutorial by you're favorite youtube guru, well....why don't you!?
Sunglasses Hey! It's almost summer time, why not invest in those funky sunglasses you've been eyeing!
Pink lips The pink lip is a big trend right now, a lot of women are afraid of the pink lip but if done right, it can be the perfect pop of color.
Perfume I'm obsessed with this viktor & Rolf scent, it's the perfect everyday perfume!
Tik Tok Obviously every lady needs a good watch!
Chocolate It's Valentines day, buy yourself a huge box of chocolates, order you're favorite chick flick, grab a bottle of moscato and have a relaxing evening to yourself! 

Have a girls night!

One of my favorite things to do on Valentines day is to gather up all my single girlfriends, get dressed up, and go out! Who says you have to sit at home and cry all night because you're single!? Not I!! Go out, have fun, get a little tipsy and who knows maybe you'll meet someone for next V-day :)

Here are a few ideas for you're Valentines day outfit...

Enjoy you're Valentines Day singles ladies!!