25 Facts about....Me!!

1. I am constantly drinking tea, it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside :)

2. Completely obsessed with musicals! RENT and Grease are my all time favs.

3. When I was younger my dream job was to become a spice girl......it still is

4. I dream of California

5.  I hate snow and winter

6. I took an entire Wilton Cake Decorating class a few years ago, one day i'll upload a few of my creations!

7. *Whispers* I love Harry Styles.....shhhh plz don't tell anyone

8.  I get soooo upset when people call me shy, but i'll be honest..i am a little shy

9. I collect magazines, I've actually had a few breakdowns upon learning my mom threw some out....ok maybe i'm a hoarder hmmm :/

10. I sucked a pacifier until i was 4 and then proceeded to suck my thumb until I was about 9...now i'm stuck with these awful braces to fix the damage!

11. I'm scared of the dark

12. I'm obsessed with cupcakes

13. My top 5 most played artists on spotify are One Direction, The 1975 (a new band out of the UK, they are amazing!!), Lydia, Beyonce, and Ed Sheeran

14. I have one tattoo and I promise i will never, EVER get another one! It's a short little quote on my shoulder and omg it hurt so bad.  Now it was definitely worth the pain but i don't plan on voluntarily going through that pain again!

15. Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet, he makes love sound so beautiful

16. My favorite Starbucks drink is a Caramel Macchiato with extra extra caramel..mmmm

17. My favorite color is pink

18. White cars freak me out, i don't know why but they do *shugs*

19. My favorite childhood movie was thumbalina

20. I love to sing...alone..in my room

21. I'm a student

22. I have three sisters and one brother

23. Beyonce is my inspiration

24. I'm 24!

25. I really want to go to the One Direction concert but the tickets are sooo expensive! *cries*

 Being new in this whole blogging world, i thought this would be a cool way to kind of introduce myself to you.  So i hope you enjoyed this little list and thanks for reading!


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  1. Lol at u freaking out coz of white cars!! U hilarious!!! I can def relate to u on quite a number of stuff.